Our Proposal

The REInvestment proposal for divestment focuses on three forms of extreme extraction: mountaintop removal, hydraulic fracturing, and tar sands.  We are asking that Earlham sell all current direct holdings in companies that practice these forms of fossil fuel extraction and implement a screening process to avoid future investments in these practices.  These three forms of extraction are often considered among the most extreme and destructive, and have been connected with severe environmental contamination and public health crises.  REInvestment considers these forms of extraction to be human rights abuses, and investment in these industries in violation of Earlham’s Socially Responsible Endowment Investment Policy, which states:

Earlham seeks to minimize investing in the securities of companies whose overall behavior results in irresponsible use of the natural environment and/or denigrates the dignity of individuals.

In addition to the public health concerns from extreme extraction, fossil fuels contribute to global climate change.  The catastrophic consequences of climate change will have a significant impact in the lives of Earlham students.  Therefore, REInvestment believes that investments in companies that further climate change is not only in violation of the SRI Policy, but jeopardizes the future prosperity and well-being of all Earlham students.

247002_4869210489697_392217809_n - Copy - Copy (2)Our NEW proposal for divestment is finished!
This document represents 1.5 semesters of hard work from our research team, and was shared with the Socially Responsible Investment Advisory Committee (SRIAC) at the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester.

You can download the full proposal here, or an abbreviated abstract here.


About Extreme Extraction

MTR facts

Fracking facts

Tar sands facts


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