There are many ways to show support for REInvestment:

  • Sign our petition!  As of March 2014, we already have more than 200 signatures.
  • Show your support at events!  In the past, we’ve asked supporters to stand with us outside meetings with SRIAC and administrators.  Follow us on Facebook or sign up for our listserv to stay in the loop!
  • Get in touch!  We want to hear from you and we welcome all kinds of feedback.  We invite all of our supporters, even if you’re not interested in joining the team, to drop by a Spokescouncil meeting (see below) or send us a message if you have any ideas, questions, or thoughts about the campaign.

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Join the Team!

REInvestment is open to anyone interested in joining our campaign team!  We have three different Working Groups (WGs) that each focus on a different aspect of the campaign: Research, Outreach, and Publicity & Events.  The WGs each have 2 student convenors (we call them “clerks”), and they each meet once a week.  WG roles are described in more detail below.  If any of these groups sounds interesting to you, feel free to get in touch with the clerks OR show up at a meeting and jump right in!

In addition to WG meetings, we have a full-group Weekly Meeting every Thursday at 9:30PM at Gurney House.  This is a time for us all to come together as a campaign, update each other different projects, talk big-picture campaign strategy, and make important campaign decisions.  These meetings are always open to all – you don’t have to be part of a WG to come.


The Outreach WG is in charge of communications with Earlham alumni, faculty, and staff, and with divestment campaigns at other schools.  The goal is that with support from these groups, we can strengthen our call for divestment and reinvestment at Earlham.  Outreach projects from the 2013-2014 year included:

  • Forming a coalition of students working divestment campaigns at other schools in the Great Lakes College Association (which includes Earlham, Kalamazoo, Denison, Oberlin, and 9 others)
  • Reaching out to alumni to form a REInvestment Alumni Council
  • Writing a new petition letter and collecting over 200 signatures

Meetings (fall 2014):  Tuesdays at 9pm in Rose City Coffee Co-op
Clerks:  Quina Weber-Shirk ( and Eva Chaitman (



The Research WG is the nitty-gritty team, tasked with researching the companies in Earlham’s investment portfolio, looking into the financial implications of divestment from fossil fuels, and finding potential options for reinvesting the endowment in sustainable initiatives.  Their ultimate task is to write a formal updated proposal for divestment.

Meetings (fall 2014):  Sundays at 7pm at Gurney House
Clerks: Sally Bunner ( and Lydia Lichtiger (


Publicity & Events

The Publicity & Events WG deals with our on-campus presence at Earlham.  They plan events, such as bringing speakers to Earlham and hosting forums and info sessions; inform the student body about our campaign; collect feedback; and often end up working in coalition with other on-campus groups.  Past projects have included:

  • Working with the BDS campaign to plan a banner drop and alumni info sessions during Homecoming
  • Organizing to bring Junior Walk, an activist from the Appalachian coalfields, to speak on campus
  • Planning an open forum with members of the SRIAC
  • Putting on the 2nd annual Social Justice Carnival, a collaboration with over 10 campus groups

Meetings (fall 2014):  Wednesdays at 7pm at Gurney House
Clerks:  David Masterson ( and Jocelyn Sawyer (


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