The Responsible Energy Investment Campaign (REInvestment) is a student-led campaign asking Earlham College to DIVEST its endowment from dirty fossil fuel companies and REINVEST responsibly. We don’t believe that a school founded on Quaker values should be supporting an industry that contributes to climate change and harm to human life. We are asking Earlham to withdraw the direct holdings in its endowments from companies extracting coal, tar sands oil, and fracked-natural gas, and instead to investigate options for community investments or investment in renewable technology.

We see divestment from fossil fuels as an issue of justice.  Every day, fossil fuels harm people and communities on the frontlines of energy extraction and climate change.  The industry is embedded in violent and oppressive systems. Access to clean air, land, and water is restricted by extraction processes. Changes in the global climate are already leading to mass displacement, drought, extreme weather, political unrest, and human suffering. And the people who contribute least to environmental harm are disproportionately affected by it.

Earlham is a school that values creative solutions to difficult problems. We see divestment and reinvestment as a way to acknowledge and account for the complexity of these issues. Our campaign brings together issues of economics, anthropology, natural sciences, and more, working in line with Earlham’s own interdisciplinary goals as we demand that the college live up to its principles of peace, justice, and integrity.

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