Support REInvestment

As an alumna/alumnus, your support is hugely important.  In particular, there are three actions we would love for all of our alumni supporters to take:

  1. Sign our petition!

    We launched a new petition in February 2014, and we’re collecting signatures from all our supporters – including alums.  The more alumni who sign onto our petition letter, the more powerful that list of names and messages will be when we deliver it to the SRIAC.

  2. Write a Class Note.

    You can write a class note to the Earlhamite alumni magazine to express your support for REInvestment. Class notes for the Winter 2016 issue are due on November 8th. A sample message could say something like: “I support the REInvestment campaign and ask Earlham to divest its stocks from companies involved in fracking, coal mining, and tar sands extraction. Find out more at”

  3. Write the SRIAC a letter.

    A letter could mention why you feel fossil fuel divestment is important; why you think it’s the right step for Earlham, ethically, spiritually, and/or financially; how Earlham’s decision on this matter might affect your likelihood of donating to the college; or anything else you’d like to say. When writing your letter, you could reference points in our proposal that particularly speak to you. Letters to SRIAC can be addressed to Sena Landey, Earlham’s VP of Finance:  Earlham College SRIAC, c/o Sena Landey, P.O. Box #82, 801 National Rd. W., Richmond, IN 47374.

  4. Join Earlham Alumni for REInvestment (EAR).

    This organized group of alums works with the students in REInvestment to organize alumni support.  They are always looking for more members.  Scroll down for more info!

  5. Stay in the loop!

    There are lots of ways to keep up-to-date about REInvestment.  If you’re on Facebook, please join the Earlham Alumni for REInvestment group!  The purpose of that group is exactly so that REInvestment organizers can keep in touch with our alum allies.  Of course, you can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter, check in on our blog, or sign up for our once-a-semester newsletter.   

  6. Spread the word!

    As current students, it can be hard for us to effectively reach out to our alumni allies.  That’s why we’d love for you to tell your friends about our campaign, send them to our site, and encourage them to also consider taking any of these steps to show their support.

Thank you so much to all of our alumni supporters.  Knowing you’re with us gives us energy and hope!

Join Earlham Alumni for REInvestment!

EAR is a group of alums committing to organizing other alums to support REInvestment.  We meet via phone conference on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month at 8pm ET.

In summer 2015, we organized alumni to write in class notes to the Earlhamite expressing their support of REInvestment.  We were thrilled that 18 people took action, and we are excited about expanding these actions in the future.  Some ideas we have for future actions are:

  • Letter-writing drives
  • Call-in days
  • Events or demonstrations during Reunion weekend
  • Coordinated withholding of donations to Earlham until we win divestment

…But these are just ideas.  This group is a work-in-progress, shaped by those who want to take part in it.

If you’re interested in being a part of EAR, please get in touch!  Email us at, or contact Kirsten Sally Bunner, the REInvestment alumni liaison, directly at


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