#FourYearsTooLong #TimeToDecide

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Earlham’s REInvestment Campaign was formed four years ago, and, this semester, we have decided that it is time for Earlham to decide which side of history they will be on. We encourage everyone to use the hashtags #FourYearsTooLong and #TimeToDecide and tag Earlham College to let them know that you want them to live up to the values that they hold and divest their endowment from fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels are a social justice issue. The Socially Responsible Investment Advisory Committee is tasked with determining which companies are socially irresponsible and can place screens on the investments. After four years of research, meetings, and conversations with this committee, REInvestment is requesting a decision after the November 6th meeting of this group. Although the conensus process is long and tedious, four years is too long to come to a decision on these violent extraction methods.

These hashtags were designed as a social media platform for people to express their views on Earlham’s investments in dirty energy. So much has happened in the past four years of Earlham’s deliberation on these investments. In the past four years, cancer rates have shot up in areas of fossil fuel extraction. Three years ago Hurricane Sandy destroyed 200,000 homes and killed 117 people. Just last year 82,000 tons of toxic coal ash were spilled into the Dan River, causing 300,000 people to lose access to potable water. We are asking Earlham to be on the right side of history following their decision on November 6th, 2015 and join the 456 other institutions that have divested $2.6 trillion from the fossil fuel industry. It is time to align with our socially responsible values and live up to the Principles and Practices of the institution.

Earlham College- it has been #FourYearsTooLong and it is #TimeToDecide.

The following was sent to SRIAC this afternoon.


The students and alums from the Responsible Energy Investments Campaign have been working with the SRIAC for almost four years. This time has been one of intense collaboration and discussion that has resulted in gained knowledge and appreciation on the part of both groups. We have had many productive and forward moving conversations and decisions over the past four years. Within the last year, there has been a lull in communication, leaving REInvestment members uninformed and unsure of what steps can be taken. As a result, we would like to make a request that the SRIAC issue a formal response to our most recent proposal, given to you one year ago this Fall (September 2014). We understand that the committee uses a consensus based model. However, students have worked tirelessly to research, plan panels, meet with you, and access/provide information about why our investments in extreme extraction are not aligned with the college’s principles and practices, and are not aligned with our college’s socially responsible investment policy. In order for a consensus based model to run effectively, there must be a desire on part of the participants to meet. As there have been a decreasing number of meetings of the SRIAC over the past year, we are only left to think that you have reached the end of your consensus making process and will be reaching a decision at your last meeting of this calendar year, November 6th. We request that you send us your formal response at the end of your meeting.

Thank you for your time and dedication these past years,

Our Inner Light Doesn’t Burn on Fossil Fuels,

-The Students and Alums of the Responsible Energy Investment Campaign.


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