REInvestment and alumni support EC Students Against Racism! and you can too!

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Support EC Students Against Racism

Recently, students have been standing up against racism at Earlham and joining together in solidarity to call out the people, programs, and systems here which perpetuate both interpersonal and systemic racism. As a fellow group of students on campus working for justice, members of REInvestment feel that it is imperative that we make an official statement supporting EC Students Against Racism (ECSAR) and their List of Requirements:

Students of Earlham’s REInvestment campaign had the following to say:

“Friends: We, members of REInvestment, affirm and support EC Students against Racism. We are devastated by racism at Earlham and committed to fighting against the perpetuation of systematic inequality at this institution. As a group that has focused on issues of environmental injustice, we understand that the environmental movement has been white-washed and therefore we want to reject this narrative and explicitly support the students, their requirements, and the larger movement as a whole. We are willing to commit time and resources as EC Students Against Racism moves forward. –REInvestment”

What can you do?

  1. Earlham alum Daniel Hunter (’01) has created a petition at to gather signatures of alumni who feel that ECSARs List of Requirements is not receiving the full attention that it deserves from the Earlham administration. From the text of the petition: “Earlham’s administration has not provided any public response — instead they are threatening disciplinary actions against three student activists. Embarrassingly, its lack of response has made its way to front pages of the local newspaper.” Please show your support for students working to address Earlham’s inaction towards racism and white supremacy and call for the administration to respond appropriately by signing the petition:

    Click here to sign the petition!
    Click here to sign the petition!
  2. Fill out this contact form to receive active updates from the student group EC Students Against Racism (ECSAR)
  3. Educate yourself on issues of racism at Earlham by reading through ECSAR’s blog-site.


Thank you for all your help and continued support of student activism at Earlham!


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