What does climate justice mean to you?

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by Ananda Ganbari and David Masterson

This past week, in an effort to both gain insight from the larger student body and spark conversation around the topic, REInvestment tabled in the student center and posed the question, “What does climate justice mean to you?”  This is a broad question, which led to an exciting range of answers! Here are some gems from this past week:

  • “Understanding that there is NOT a separation or division between humans, animals, and the environment”
  • “that people in my home stop dying of lung problems and our children can play outside”
  • “Evreyone having access to water, air, food that doesn’t make them sick”
  • “The ability to access the basic necissitites of life such as water, food, air, etc, without having to fear being poisoned.”

This is a question our campaign was founded upon, and one with which we are constantly grappling. REInvestment seeks to have a campaign which focuses on both the environmental and human denigration inflicted by the fossil fuel industry. “Climate justice” is a term used to connect environmental concerns with the day to day struggles people are facing as a result of climate change. The REInvestment Campaign is specifically focused not just on divestment from fossil fuels, but also on the intentional reinvestment of our endowment, so as to grapple with the impacts of climate change that reach further than environmental denigration.


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