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By David Masterson and Ananda Ganbari

This piece also appeared in the Earlham Beat, a zine published by BDS Earlham.

At the start of this past fall the Responsible Energy Investment (REInvestment) Campaign submitted a revised proposal to the Socially Responsible Investment Advisory Committee (SRIAC). This proposal outlined in great detail the pressing need for Earlham to divest from companies involved in coal and tar sands extraction, as well as fracking. As we stressed in our proposal, this issue is not only one of global warming or climate change, but one concerning an extreme violation of human rights for the surrounding communities.

As our Socially Responsible Endowment Investment Policy states, “Earlham seeks to minimize investing in the securities of companies whose overall behavior results in irresponsible use of the natural environment and/or denigrates the dignity of individuals.”. We would like to see Earlham take their commitment to this policy seriously, to look critically with students at our investments.

Both the REInvestment campaign and SRIAC have made significant progress as of late, progress which we are pleased to share with you! In a few weeks there will be a series of faculty panels inviting Earlham faculty to join the conversation regarding our investments and the fossil fuel industry. We are currently in the process of drafting questions for professors which seek to achieve a common understanding of the impact these companies have.

As it stands now, we have questions ranging from toxicity levels of fracking fluid to connections between treaty violations of indigenous people’s land in Canada and tar sands extraction. We would love to hear from you about what questions you have for faculty members! Please feel free to send us a message via Facebook or email.

Much Love,

Ananda and Gurt


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