Social Justice Carnival!

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by Jocelyn Sawyer

The 2nd annual Social Justice Carnival was a great way to wrap up a very eventful semester.  The carnival was by far my favorite event we’ve put together this year, and that’s because it wasn’t just hosted by REInvestment.  Our Publicity & Events working group teamed up with students from over a dozen different social justice focused campus groups to pull this off.

We were lucky enough to have fantastic weather on the afternoon of April 25th, and the event was laid-back, sunny, and lots of fun.  Rose City Coffee Co-Op was there to give out free iced tea, while lots of other groups had games or activities going on at their table.  Each group decided on its own activity, and there was so much creativity in the choices!  Some of my favorites:  Students for a Free Tibet had people decorating prayer flags, which we strung up on the Heart at the end of the carnival.  BDS had a zany and creative true/false mythbusting game involving water balloons.  The EC Free Store set up a Free Store fashion photo shoot.  Spectrum brought a kissing booth (on the cheek!).

As for REInvestment, we set up “fossil fuel economy Jenga” – we wrote facts about extreme extraction on Jenga pieces, and then set up a game… because an economy built on fossil fuels is bound to collapse.  (Get it??)

Thanks to our friends at BDS Earlham, Students for a Free Tibet, the Womyn’s Center, the EC Free Store, Spectrum, Miller Farm, Students in Support of Sodexo Workers, Black Ladies United at Earlham (BLUE), Rose City Coffee Co-op, and the EC Bike Co-Op for a great event!


(Left: SFT makes prayer flags; Right: the Spectrum kissing booth and Womyn’s Center running a photo petition)



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