Notes from the Week

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by Faye Christoforo

It’s two weeks before spring break and we are tired, but we are not loosing steam on the campaign. I’m writing from an Outreach Working Group meeting, which has been productive. We’ve talked about the tabling that we have been doing to collect signatures for our petition, and a few upcoming events:

This Friday, REInvestment members will be going to the Rose City Coffee Co-op for a Social Justice Gala. Everyone here is very excited to network with other social justice groups on campus. Is there another social justice carnival on the horizon like the one we organized last spring? We hope so!

This Sunday, we will have a table at the Global Celebration, which is part of a campus-wide effort by the International Programs Office to open the doors to all of the cool things happening on campus. What will be talking about? Good question! Come on by and check it out – Runyan Center, this Sunday at 5pm.

Look for more updates on how these events go, and don’t forget to sign the petition!

Our inner light does not burn on coal.


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