REInvestment Endorses BDS

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by the REInvestment Campaign

Over Homecoming weekend this past October, the Responsible Energy Investment Campaign (REInvestment) and Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) joined together to organize a banner drop and workshop series aimed at informing Earlham alumni about current campus activism and drawing attention to Earlham’s investing policies.  Though we teamed up to work together that weekend, at the time neither campaign had officially endorsed the other.  REInvestment would like to offer our official endorsement of BDS now.

Homecoming weekend was the first time we teamed up to put on a joint event, but REInvestment and BDS have worked together before as members of the Social Justice League, a coalition of campus groups formed last spring that also includes the Real Food Challenge, Black Ladies United at Earlham (BLUE), the Earlham Environmental Action Coalition (EEAC), and others.

 As two activist groups using similar tactics, both aiming to connect with alumni during the weekend, our collaboration made sense. However, when giving an interview about the weekend’s events for the 11/8 issue of the Word, representatives from REInvestment had to acknowledge that there was no official affiliation or endorsement between the groups.  After this endorsement, we hope we will have the opportunity to give an affirmative statement of support at future collaborative actions.

Our two campaigns have different goals – REInvestment is working to clean Earlham’s endowment of dirty energy companies that exploit communities for profit, while BDS is advocating for divestment from companies who financially or materially support the Israeli occupation of Palestine – but at our hearts, we are both social justice campaigns.

We both want to see Earlham live up to its Principles and Practices.  We both want institutional accountability and transparency.  We are both attempting to leverage our power and privilege as students to enact change on issues we care deeply about.  And we are both working to dismantle complex structures of oppression that are fundamentally the same.  As REInvestment, we support the BDS campaign in their mission on campus.


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